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Entourage Cannot Access Your Data : Fix Error & Repair Database

Sometime user may encounter entourage cannot access your data error message while opening Entourage . Occurrence of such error message will block the access of crucial data on Mac system. The very error message can arise hectic situation and should not be underestimated because it can also result in severe data loss. There should be different reason behind this cumbersome issue but mainly it occur when the entourage database get damaged or corrupted. It doesn't matter how and when the error occur, it is necessary to resolve it otherwise one can lose important message and arise the need of entourage data recovery.

No doubt that Entourage is an useful application but like other software its database file can easily get damaged or corrupted. Eventually, when database get corrupt and user want to access the stuff of their mailbox, they will get the entourage cannot access your data error. Well, it is necessary to fix the error but before we move further it is also important to know the factor which cause this error. If you are familiar with the reason of this issue then you can take precautionary measures next time to prevent this error.

Reasons Behind Entourage Cannot Access Your Data Error

As mentioned, the main reason behind entourage cannot access your data error is corruption or damage of database file. The corruption issue make the database file inaccessible and this is the reason why many user search for restore inaccessible entourage file. So, it is important to know the things which result in database corruption. Database file can get corrupt due to number of reasons such as :

  • Improper shutdown of Mac system is very harmful for application installed on it including Entourage. It can easily damage the database and arise error message.
  • Sometime exceeding the file size of can also result in corruption of Entourage database.
  • User should also pay attention what they download from Internet, because some files contain virus which can corrupt the database file.
  • File header corruption or Entourage identity corruption can also damage database which lead to error.
  • Entourage database may also get damaged due to the malfunction of software installed on the Mac system.
  • Accidental deletion of some Entourage files and mishandling Entourage database file

Other Error Message Occurred In Entourage Due To Corrupt Database

Apart from entourage cannot access your data, user can also get some other error message if the database file is corrupted. For example :

“Entourage not enough memory”

“Entourage cannot open the item due to an error. Not enough memory”

Both the error message can easily confuse anyone because they are related with memory. Occurrence of such error message make the database inaccessible and it is a clear indication that there is some issue in the Entourage database. But sometime these error message occur due to some other reason such as :

  • Damaged or corrupt fonts
  • Corrupt message or
  • Little RAM space in Mac

Similar to other error if these memory related issue is not fixed properly then it can also result in data loss. If the corruption or damage is minor then you can try the following fixes :

  • Log to your account and remove damaged file.
  • Delete the faulty fonts immediately
  • Increase the RAM memory by replacing the older one
  • You can also use the database backup

Solution To Fix Entourage Cannot Access Your Data Error

Method 1: Manual Steps To Fix Entourage Cannot Access Your Data Error

Method 2: Automatic Solution To Fix Entourage Issue

Top Software To Recover Entourage Database File


Software Ratings Size Download
Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software 4.5/5 36.3 MB  
R-STUDIO Disk Entourage Recovery Software 2.5/5 71.4 MB  
Remo Entourage Recovery Software 3.5/5 6.6 MB  
Tenorshare Entourage Recovery Software 2.5/5 11.1 MB  


Manual Steps To Fix Entourage Cannot Access Your Data Error

If you have also encountered the same error message and want to fix it manually then here is the solution. You can also get some help with Mac Forum site for the solution of this error. On the other hand one can use any of the following method to fix the entourage cannot access your data error in Mac :

Method 1 :- Rebuild database and create a new identity

  • First close all the application opened on your Mac.
  • Now locate identity folder and copy it somewhere.
  • Start Entourage and click on New option.
  • Type name of your identity file in the Identity name field.
  • Then exit Entourage, then locate the identity and rename it.
  • Now copy the database file from old to new identity folder.

Method 2 :- Create a new user data folder

  • Close all the running application.
  • When Entourage get start, a new data folder already get created with user name and a new identity folder.
  • Close the application, locate new identity file and rename it.
  • Again copy database file from old identity folder to the new new one which was created by system.

Method 3 :- Repair disk permission

  • First, open the Finder, Click on Go then Home.
  • Open the Application folder then go to Utilities.
  • In Disk Utility window, select your Mac system ID.
  • Now click on First Aid then click Repair Disk Permissions.
  • Once the repair process complete, Restart your Mac.

After completing the above method entourage cannot access your data error might get resolved. But manual fix can take more time and a single mistake can lead to other issue. So if you are still facing the error message even you have used the above steps then it is suggested to make use of professional third party program. visit the Microsoft discussion section to gain more info about entourage cannot access your data.

Top Software Choices To Recover Entourage Database File

#1.) Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is an amazing utility which is dedicated to resolve issues related to Entourage application. The tool is designed in such a way that it can repair severely damaged database file of Entourage in Mac. Not only it repair, it will also recover the deleted files and allow you to re-use your Entourage. It is an outstanding software which repairs and restore Entourage data without manipulating the contents of original file.

Salient Features Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

  • Provide quick repair of damaged and corrupted Entourage database file.
  • Support multiple file formats to restore the recovered data
  • Creates and display the log report of Entourage repair
  • User friendly interface which make the software easy to operate.
  • Compatible with almost all the Mac OS X including Snow Leopard, 10.4 Tiger & Sierra.

Pros & Cons Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair


  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Supports different version of Entourage
  • Fast processing speed


  • Scanning speed is average sometime
  • Consume more memory and RAM


"Good service by Stellar!! I almost lose all hope that i will get my crucial data back. But i am thankful to this wonderful software which make it possible for me".

-Thomas Van

"Special thanks to the software because it did a wonderful job. Even i am not a tech savvy but i don't face any problem while using the software. Finally i have all my data back".

-Ema George

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How much time the software take in scanning and repairing the damaged database files of Entourage ?

The scanning and repairing time totally depend on the file size and the level of damage. If the process is in progress then you have to wait for its completion.

Q) Can i use the Entourage application during the repair process of Stellar Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair?

It is not suggested to use Entourage during the execution of software. You can use it only if the location of database is different.

#2.) R-STUDIO Disk Entourage Recovery Software

It is an ambient software which can easily retrieve entourage database file which get corrupted or lost due to any reason. The R-STUDIO software is designed by panel of expert which is capable of restoring database file and other important data which get lost due to malware attack, OS crash, hardware failure and more. It supports recovery from It supports HFS or HFS+ (Mac) and partitions which are damaged, deleted or formatted. The flexible settings of this software give its user proper control over it. Its advanced recovery algorithm improve the file recovery quality and complete the recovery process quickly. It is one of the best program which can be used to recover files of corrupted database in Entourage.

Key Features of R-STUDIO Disk Entourage Recovery Software

  • Comprehensive search for the files to recover
  • Recovers data from deleted,formatted or corrupted disks
  • Supports huge amount of file recovery
  • Allow scan for specific file or folder
  • Provide data recovery over network

R-STUDIO Disk Entourage Recovery : Pros & Cons

Pros :-

  • R-STUDIO can recover about 98% files regardless type of file.
  • Provide preview of larger files without writing on them.
  • Auto complete features and user friendly interface


  • Sometime it get terminated due to unknown reasons.
  • Creates issue sometime while viewing the data.
  • Not provide register option after installing the new version.


"It is really an amazing software which help me recover all message and other stuff from entourage database file. Previously i have used several program but this was the right choice. Really helpful".


"I am really thankful to Disk Entourage Recovery Software. I was unable to access the file of database because of corruption but it help me and now i can access all the data. Easy to use and reliable".

-John Murphy

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) I have installed a new version but unable to register. The program not accept registration key. What to do?

When you install a new version then the previous registration key expired. You will require a new registration key for license after you renewed the application.

Q) I lost my data. Which guidelines should i follow before and during the data recovery?

User always start doing plenty of things when they face data loss. There is always chance of overwrite of the disk space which can make the recovery impossible.

#3.) Disk Warrior Entourage Recovery Software

Disk Warrior Entourage Recovery Software is an wonderful utility for repairing and recovering database file of Entourage. Now you don't have to worry about your important file even you don't have backup, this utility will bring back all your data efficiently. With the help of this utility you can again access your data which get erased or corrupted.

Features of Disk Warrior Entourage Recovery Software

  • Disk Warrior can recover data even from a failed drive.
  • Compatible with all the version of Mac OS X.
  • Provide options to check recovery of missing files
  • Repairs latent error which is not easy to detect
  • Fast processing and easy to navigate.

Pros & Cons Of Disk Warrior Entourage Recovery Software


  • Powerful repair and recovery ability
  • Easy to use and provide data safety
  • Recover data without depending on data loss scenario


  • Unable to recover selective files
  • Some features doesn't work well


"Some of my important data get deleted unexpectedly and i was very upset because there was no backup. But finally i get this software which help me to restore all the data. Thanks to Disk Warrior".

-Bob Starc

"I was having some issue in accessing files of Entourage then i used this utility and believe me it really works. Dis a nice job for me".

-Ben Stefen

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Does the Disk Warrior Software compatible with MacOS 10.12 Sierra?

Previous version of software was not compatible with MacOS 10.12 Sierra. To make it compatible with MacOS 10.12 Sierra you need to update the software.

Q) Does the software supports recovery of old files?

Well, you can recover any file only if its space is not overwritten by other data. Means if you have not stored anything after losing data then you can still recover them.

Download Disk Warrior

#4.) Remo Entourage Recovery Software

Remo Entourage Recovery Software is an ambient utility which is a best solution to recover lost database files of Entourage application. The latest scanning algorithm of this software very useful in scanning and restoring deleted files. No matter if the file is lost due to application error or due to disk format, this comprehensive tool will safely bring them back. It also provide the option to preview recovered data and to restore them on desired location.

Key Features Of Remo Entourage Recovery Software

  • Provide recovery of files which has been removed from Trash
  • Easy to operate wizard, not require professional skill
  • Restore files safely from non-booting or crashed drive
  • Supports recovery files even from MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro and other Mac system

Pros & Cons Of Remo Entourage Recovery Software


  • Latest algorithm for complex data loss scenarios
  • Supports latest Mac OS
  • Easy and safe recovery process


  • Slow down the system performance
  • Average recovery performance


"I have used Remo Entourage Recovery Software and i want to thanks it for what it did for me. It bring back my crucial file which i lost due to interruption in file transmission".

-Tom Jill

"Amazing experience!! I was missing some important files in Entourage from few day. I try my best but not able to bring it back. Thanks to this utility, it makes my day".

-Jhony Howell

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Can i download and install Remo Entourage Recovery Software on same drive?

Recovery of data is based on file that is available on drive. Downloading and installing the utility on same drive can overwrite the data which make recovery impossible.

Q) What are the Mac OS platforms supported by the software?

Recovery of data is based on file that is available on drive. Downloading and installing the utility on same drive can overwrite the data which make recovery impossible.

Q) How many times i can use this utility on my Mac system?

There is no any restriction of using Remo Entourage Recovery Software. The licensed version can used for any number of time.

#5.) Tenorshare Entourage Recovery Software

Tenorshare Entourage Recovery Software is another best utility which provides recovery of Entourage database file. The software is designed be keeping in mind about technical skill of common user. It provide recovery of data and can be saved on the location you want. One can recover database file in just few simple steps.

Features of Tenorshare Entourage Recovery

  • Easy to use for beginners, yet powerful
  • Supports recovery of about 550+ file formats
  • Preview files in thumbnail, so that user can check its quality
  • Provide information of Stop and save scanning.
  • Recover files from selective or desired location


"Fabulous program!!This tool has all the features which is enough to recovers lots of data including deleted or lost data.".


"I've deleted some important files several month ago. I was very frustrated but thanks to the software which help me get back all those files. I world like to rate it five stars.".

-Frinze Tem

Pros & Cons Of Tenorshare Entourage Recovery Software


  • Fast and safe Scan.
  • Recovers number of file types.
  • Supports almost all external drive.


  • Doesn't display name of computer drive.
  • No option to recover particular folder.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Why does the utility not find all the data by scanning Mac directly?

Usually the software find all the lost data, but if you continuously use system after file loss then the new data get overwritten. But if the data is overwritten then the program couldn't find that.

Q) Why i am unable to open some files after the recovery?

This usually happens when original file get corrupted. If you lost any file then please not write any data on the device because it make recovery hard and also corrupt the data.

Trial Version Of Entourage Recovery Software

TestDisk Open Source Entourage Data Recovery

TestDisk Open Source Entourage Data Recovery is a superb utility which is designed to recover lost database file of Entourage. The software comes with latest recovery features which help recovery of lost, erased or missing data from Mac. It is totally safe and secure utility which will help you to get back all the deleted or inaccessible Entourage files. So, if you are facing issues in Entourage and unable to access its file then you must try this software.

Key Features :

  • Efficiently restore files from Entourage
  • Provide recovery from formatted or partitioned drive
  • Compatible with almost all the latest Mac OS
  • Securely recovers data without altering the original file.

Pros & Cons Of TestDisk Open Source Entourage Data Recovery


  • Easy to install and navigate.
  • Fast recovery process.
  • Doesn't modify original content.


  • This version has limited use.
  • Not works flawlessly sometime.


"Want to thanks this software, it has saved my precious 20 GB data which I lost while transferring. Nice job".

-Endero Neko

"Tried several trial version utilities but this one really works. It helps me to recover some crucial file".

-Kerry Flank

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What should i do if the hard drive contains bad spot?

If you want to recover some specific files and know where they are saved then you can recover them. The utility doesn't provide recovery of severely damaged disk.

Q) Wrong capacity for hard drive is reported, what to do now?

Make sure that there is no loose connection, if the problem still exist then there must be hardware issue.

Which Software To Be Use?

If you are also having issues with your Entourage application and unable to access its data then you must need help of professional software. All the mentioned trail and paid softwares are effective and helpful but if you have to go with any one of them then it is suggested to opt Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software. If we compare all the software then it is the best among them because it provide complete repair and recover of Entourage database file. In a test of all the software, Steallr perform well and it recover almost all the file with a good speed.

What Makes Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software Best Over Other?

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is one of the most used and trusted program for Entourage recovery. The software facilitates latest and advanced features which you will not find in other program. It is an amazing utility which repair and restore corrupted Entourage database file in hassle free manner. It allow you to save the recovered in different format such as .RGE & MBOX. This software is used widely and there are lots of satisfied customer of it. Because of its performance and good reviews, it is suggested to use it.

Key Features

  • Provide fast repairing of Entourage database file.
  • Easy GUI even non professional can use it.
  • Provide option to save Entourage file in desired location.
  • Supports multiple file format and allow to import on respective application.
  • It creates a Log report and provide detail about repair process.

Installation Steps Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

  • First of all open Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Zip file.

  • Now double click on .dmg file after decompressing the ZIP file.

  • Double click on the Stellar repair software to open it.

  • You have to drag Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair to Application folder.

  • Now double click on Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair in Application folder to start it.

  • License Agreement will appear on screen. Accept the agreement otherwise the software will not work.